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Being set Free to Fly A Catalysing Moment

The day before this website with its equipping hub was launched, Jarrod Cooper released a friend’s prophetic word: ‘This is a Catalysing Moment’.

I particularly like the lines:

“A monumental shift is happening “

“Draw new maps. Explore the land.”

I have been privileged to have a part in this new website that is calling forth a new generation of pioneers for this new era of Reformation. I have the responsibility to develop and facilitate the ‘This is the Kingdom Equipping Hub’ that wants to see radical and resilient pioneers released and resourced. This is a fulfilment of a dream I have carried for decades !!

The prophetic word released by Jarrod Cooper clearly reflects the message we want to convey - a message that is for this now moment in the agenda of the Holy Spirit:


Amid the swirl and instability, a seismic shift is happening.

In you.

Around you.

In the heavenly realms.

Everything is moving, turning, resetting, realigning.

It is unsettling.

You can sense something bubbling, rising, stirring, emerging.

It can feel difficult to find a secure footing.

A monumental shift is happening.

The Kingdom is advancing.

But the opposition is fierce.

The Spirit has been brooding and hovering over the nations.

The prophetic decrees and prayers of the saints have been heard.

The Father is creating something new.

It's unclear and not defined yet.

It may not be how you expected it to look.

But it's coming. It’s accelerating and gaining momentum.

It's getting closer and clearer.

You won't have to push it too hard or force it to happen.

But also don't become passive and complacent.

Perceive what it can become through the eyes of faith.

Lean into it. Take hold of it. Steward it. Tend to it.

In the Kingdom, things are often slow, slow, slow…then swift.

We wait, we wait, we wait…then suddenly it appears.

That is how this is going to happen.

God is moving!

The dam is breaking.

The war in the heavenlies is raging.

The nations are shaking.

The angelic host are winning.

The people are praying.

The ekklesia is rising.

The slumbering are awakening.

The tide is turning.

The glory is coming.

The fire is spreading.

The ground is so dry, one spark is all it will take.

He will send the fire. You - fuel and fan the flames.

After a long and testing season, the Father is coming to refresh and reignite His people.

Signs will begin manifesting all around you.

You will see demonstrations of the Spirit’s power.

God is moving outside of the ‘ordinary’. You can’t even conceive what He has in store.

Many will be taken on a new trajectory that they have never imagined.

This is not a time to replicate or duplicate what is already there or what has been.

It is a time to initiate and innovate, reform and reimagine, create and pioneer, dream and design.

Draw new maps. Explore the land.

Reinvent. Redefine. Reshape.

It will require courage to step into the new. Major adjustments may be required.

The stage is being reset.

You are being positioned into place.

This is a window of opportunity to make a bold and brave move.